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My name is Vanessa. My mission is to give people the tools necessary to achieve overall health and wellness in the REAL WORLD! We are all busy women and if anyone understands the need for a simplistic, realistic and BALANCED way of healthy living...IT'S US!

I am a busy entrepreneur and mother of two very active middle school kids. We all lead busy lives and it's important to find balance and to make time for self care and our health. Synergy Wellness Idaho focuses on teaching clients how to make small, cumulative changes to improve your health.

Vanessa Martin

I have had a passion for the human body’s form and function since High School, but my passion was truly ignited during my combat tour in Iraq. I served as a Combat Medic in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom III and used competitive lifting as a way to stay sane. I competed in bench press competitions, Strongman (or Strong WOman in my case :^)) competitions, and worked out daily to keep the combat stress at bay. It was here that I learned that strength training and proper nutrition was helpful for SO MUCH MORE than what you can see on the outside.

During my time in the military, I was struck with the realization that I didn't need a fancy title or a PhD to be an expert in my field or respected. In 2007 I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career doing what I love. I wrapped up my college career with a Bachelor degree in Zoology and signed up for my first Figure Competition that same year. That first competition led to a win that would keep me hooked on physique competitions for the better part of a decade.

In 2008 I was like an addict, I competed in numerous shows and filled my trophy shelf! I earned a handful of 1st and 2nd place awards, but my tunnel vision was affecting my quality of life. I was so focused on reaching that coveted Pro status that I lost myself in the chase. Competing teaches you so much about yourself. I learned how to dig deep, how to have laser focus on my goals, that I can do hard things, that the mind is even more powerful than the body, and that my ability to push past discomfort was real. Eventually, though, I was ready for a new adventure. In 2008 I wrapped up a rewarding competitive season with intentions of becoming something that no show, or any amount of training could prepare me for...MOTHERHOOD!

Now let's recap, shall we? Up to this point I'd accomplished some pretty daunting tasks. Combat tour: TOUGH. Four Year Biology Degree: TOUGH. Competitive Figure Athlete: TOUGH. But in 2009 I took on my toughest task to date...A BABY! :^) INCOMPARABLY LIFE ALTERING AND ULTIMATELY TRUMPED ALL OTHER TASKS ACCOMPLISHED TO DATE! PERIOD. This job was the most enjoyable and most rewarding, but by far the hardest of all that came before. I knew immediately that being a Mom was going to be my newest passion. My daughter, Danika, stole my heart in 2009 and everything in my life took a back seat to her. Now in my experience, (both as a personal trainer and as a member of the human race), this is the point that most women blame the demise of their bodies on their little bundles of joy. It starts with letting yourself go during pregnancy and snowballs from there. I refused to be a statistic and used my knowledge and determination to be the most fit, happy, and healthy mamma-to-be and new Mother, as possible.

In 2009 I followed my heart and opened my business; Flex Fitness. Flex Fitness was a Private Training Facility that catered to all types of people with various health and fitness goals. I trained while I was pregnant, took a few weeks off, and then trained with a newborn strapped to me. My little girl would not be my excuse to be inactive, but rather my reason to push to be my best! I pushed myself to be the best Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Athlete, etc. Dani was the cutest little human I'd ever laid eyes on and I wanted to show her that she was capable of anything her little heart desired, just as her Mommy tried to do! The second she was born I started training for my next Figure competition season. I competed when Danika was 8 months old. It took a lot of hard work to balance a baby, a husband, a business, and contest preparation, but I couldn't have been more proud of the end result!

The 2010 Contest Year looked a lot like the year before. I competed in more shows than the year before and managed to grab an Overall Title and my first Pro Card, giving me the professional status in Natural Bodybuilding that I’d be working so hard for. With Pro Status under my belt, my (then) husband and I decided to try for our second and final baby. I followed my previous pattern and had an active pregnancy, staying as active as possible. We welcomed John Max Toolson IV in December of 2011. I continued to train after he was born and was able to compete as a Pro before his first birthday.

In 2013, I was asked to be the Wellness Director at our local Gold's Gym. Ironically, this is the same Gold's Gym that hired me for my first personal training position SO MANY years ago! I sold Flex Fitness and started my transition out of personal training to focus on nutrition. I loved my platform at Gold's and stayed there for 2 years before outgrowing the gym. It was at this point that I had full confidence that my nutrition coaching business had the ability to stand alone.

In July of 2013, with the blessing of my mentor and intellectual crush :^) Dr. Joe Klemczweski, I became the PROUD owner of The Diet Doc Twin Falls! I also secured my third and FINAL Pro Card and hung up my heels in the figure world, saying goodbye to physique competitions. After winning a few pro-cards, I realized that the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow didn't bring me any extra joy. I wanted to be a role model for the little girl who was growing up and watching my every move. The moment I realized that she was watching me restrict certain foods, obsess over gym workouts, skip family functions for contests, and not have the full energy she deserved, I QUIT. I was just weeks away from my next contest when I heard my little girl say to me, “Mommy, if you can’t eat macaroni and cheese, I won’t either!”. Yep, we are DONE! I never saw that stage, and I don’t regret trading in more trophies for the wellbeing of my kids. I now have growing humans who see a mother that implements a balanced and healthy approach to wellness.

My kids are now healthy, happy, balanced, little athletic powerhouse kids and they don’t have any memories of their Mom cutting weight or skipping ice cream dates…I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After almost 10 years of ownership of The Diet Doc, Twin Falls, it was time to move on and re-brand and create my own name. Synergy Wellness was born!!! I am now able to use my extensive knowledge in this industry, to create programming for real people with busy lives! My focus is on the nutrition side of Wellness. Our clients have diverse goals, and we cater to them all. Although I have hung up my hat as a Competition Coach, I work with performance and endurance athletes and general population clients alike. We work with clients to help them lose weight, increase performance, gain muscle, improve speed and agility, optimize pregnancy, get back to optimum health postpartum, learn how to eat well, work with health care professionals to help their patients with specialized health concerns, and SO MUCH MORE!

Currently, Synergy Wellness (formerly The Diet Doc Twin Falls) has made a name in the Magic Valley and surrounding areas as the science based, real food approach to losing weight for people living real lives! We work with countless doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, nurses, physician assistants, internal medicine professionals, obstetricians, psychologists, and psychologists. We pride ourselves in working WITH your providers, to get you the more synergistic care possible.

Synergy Wellness has partnered with some of the best wellness resources and health care professionals in the Magic Valley. We will continue to bring the best minds together to work in “Synergy” to help our clients reach ANY goal. We take a balanced approach and help busy people set realistic goals.

How can we help?

  • Need to lose a little weight?

  • Need to really transform and have a lofty weight loss goal?

  • Want to have a healthy Pregnancy that properly nourishes your baby and ensures your weight gain is optimal?

  • Have an endurance event that you want to crush?

  • Don’t know what to eat and when?

  • Have you competed in the past and need help balancing out and finding your new normal?

  • Are you vegetarian or vegan and just can’t seem to get the body you are looking for?

  • Do you “know what to do” but need the accountability and tracking to keep you on track?

  • Have you had “macros” in the past, but need to check in to see if they are still ideal?

  • Need help managing a health issue or surgery recovery with guidance from your Doc?

  • Getting older and finding that your old tricks for losing or maintaining weight just aren't working anymore?

  • Want to just feel better and have more natural energy?

  • …and so much more!

We can help!

Client Testimonials

In the past I have tried a bunch of other "diet" programs (juicing, Keto, Atkins), I had success with each thing I tried but it was not sustainable. Those programs didn't teach you ANYTHING about the science behind the food you eat or the emotional reasons as to why you eat what you do. One thing this program taught me to do is to really be honest with what I was eating. I have no doubts that I will maintain my weight loss and continue to learn and grow and be more mindful about my nutrition. After all, those 30 pounds and 12% body fat I lost, I NEVER want to see come back.


It is a struggle to be brave. However, along with bravery, I have experienced weight loss. My body is changing and because of that, I have been able to walk up and down the canyon now, I have gone biking on the Hiawatha Trail, I and my husband have purchased a kayak and we have used it 3-4 different times. I ran/walked a 3.5 mile fun run.


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