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Kelsey Ward

I started with The Diet Doc Twin Falls in January 2018. I had tried most every diet I heard of, appetite suppressants, weight loss pills, and other weight loss programs. I had worked with an M.D. in another program who suggested that I had wrecked my metabolism and I would never be thin. I also have a genetic disorder which causes my joints to dislocate and the ligaments to deteriorate. I was fat, I was miserable, I hurt 24/7, I was prepared to be wheelchair bound by the age of 60, and I didn’t think I could ever actually be healthy. December 15, 2017 I had gone to my doctor in search of antidepressants. At this appointment I was 26 years old, 5’3”, 246 pounds, and 54% body fat.

I had been skeptical of this program for years, but I still followed it on social media. At my lowest point, I decided I had nothing to loose and joined. After taking a couple weeks to get my preferred meals and macros sorted out, I was sold.

I had a follow up appointment with my doctor January 18th and had forgotten all about the antidepressants.

I didn’t know how under educated I was about some things and completely uneducated on others. I had no idea that not only was my eating habits abhorrent, my misunderstanding of carbs was flabbergasting.

I was encouraged from my first appointment to become more active. As the weight came off, I increased my activity. Not because I was told to, but because I was physically capable of it. I no longer feel that exercise is a punishment, it’s a celebration of my physical ability. I went from struggling to lift a salt block for the cows, to deadlifting and back squatting more than my body weight!

After following this program for 13 months, I am down 100 pounds of FAT and am at 23% body fat.

I KNOW that this program works! There are no gimmicky meal replacements, no intermittent fasting, no “off limits” foods. There is nothing that I “can’t” eat. It’s about reducing your dietary intake, not restricting your diet. I cannot say enough good things about this program and these coaches! My quality of life, physically and mentally, has improved so dramatically that I regularly forget that I had those limitations.

Stacy Gorrell

My story started on September 01, 2017. At that time I weighed in at 325.6 lbs which is a slim 3x. I was pre-diabetic and my cholesterol was far too high. My doctor was taking to me about having stomach surgery since I could not loose the weight myself. My doctor had given me many years to lose the weight myself but I could only manage to lose 30 pounds or so and then I would gain it all back and even more sometimes.

I was not participating in many activities that i used to enjoy like basketball. I could only play a couple of games and my lips would turn blue, yes...BLUE...and my back would really hurt me. My wife had been trying to motivate me to lose weight for along time. My wife suggested that I go see Vanessa. I went to see Vanessa and she explained the program to me and was excited to help me. I signed up for her 3 month program and after those successful months I kept going.

I am into the program a little over 4 and a half months and i have lost 46lbs. I feel really good. I can touch my toes and am enjoying the activities I used to like basketball...without those blue lips now! I can play for a couple of hours now and feel pretty good. I am doing exercises at crossfit that i have not EVER been able to do. I have lost over 9 inches from my body, and more is coming. The program works. Vanessa and the coaches give you all the tools and knowledge to succeed as long a you follow them. I still have a ways to go until I get to my goal weight, but am looking forward to the process.

Lisa Sibbett

I started Diet Doc last October, the day before my birthday. I thought “this is for ME”! I have lost my weight twice before, the first time was just over 100 pounds, the second time was 112. I tried Weight Watchers before and it worked as long as I stayed on their program but as soon as I stopped it all came back. The problem…I love food! My solution…I have to make a change in order to keep this dang weight off! Diet Doc is much more structured; I like that I HAVE to weigh in every week whether I’m having a bad week or not, it keeps me more honest. I love having a coach to help me change my life and habits! I don’t always have good days or great days but every day is a new day and if I’ve bombed it the day before I get back up and get on the wagon again.

I did some checking today to see how much I have lost in both pounds and inches. I have lost 80 pounds, 12.1 SMM, & 9.9% fat. My measurements lost to date are 10.5” waist, 10.5” hips, and 6.25” thigh. I'm still working for new goals, but I'm so happy with how far I've come this far.

Sara Egan

I started The Diet Doc in June of 2016. I was at a point in my life where it was time to focus on ME. I needed and was so ready for a change. I lost 30+ lbs while working with The Diet Doc. After finishing 11 weeks with Vanessa & Calli coaching me, I went on to push myself further so I could hit my goal. I crushed that goal, and then some. Now more than a year later, I have used the tools and knowledge from this program to successfully maintain my weight loss and have built a life style of healthy eating and regular gym attendance.


When I was first approached by my trainer, Melissa Martinez Rogers, to do The Diet Doc, I was a little skeptical at first. I didn't really think I needed a "Diet" program, since I already ate healthy and wasn't extremely overweight and I was content with my body at the time. I wasn't a fitness model by any means but I looked good in my own eyes. I have always been active since I was a very young age. I love sports and have always been passionate about anything health and fitness related.

I decided to take a leap of faith and start The Diet Doc program. I trusted Melissa and had seen some of the results of some of my acquaintances. I decided to invest in MYSELF for a change and commit to being MY BEST SELF. This program has taught me how to do just that. I have done some of my hardest physical challenges this last year(my first Spartan race, ALPHA BEAST BOOTCAMP) so I decided to challenge myself nutritionally as well. In the past I have tried a bunch of other "diet" programs(juicing, Keto, Atkins), I had success with each thing I tried but it was not sustainable. Those programs didn't teach you ANYTHING about the science behind the food you eat or the emotional reasons as to why you eat what you do.

One thing this program taught me to do is to really be honest with what I was eating. I have no doubts that I will maintain my weight loss and continue to learn and grow and be more mindful about my nutrition. After all, those 30 pounds and 12% body fat I lost, I NEVER want to see come back. I dropped my pant size from a 12 to a size 4 and my shirt size from a large to an extra small. I couldn't be more thankful for meeting Melissa and Vanessa and I am forever grateful for this program. I also must give a shout out to Prepped Fresh for my meals. This company has also been a big part of my success. The meals are macro friendly with tons of variety and they all taste amazing. I'm in the best shape of my life at the age of 32 and I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I have no doubts that I can do anything I set my mind to. For those interested in the program, I'd say; "Invest in YOURSELF", no one is going to look out for you but YOU. You deserve to live a happy and healthy life. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!

Stacy Burnham

A year ago this November I remember walking into the Rider’s Roost for my first meeting with the Diet Doc. The thoughts that we’re going through my head... why am I going? It’s just going to be like every other "diet"! I’m going to have to drink their "magical powder", pills, bars, or I was going to have to eat tofu the rest of my life. I was going in very skeptical and not very much hope.

I was desperate though and I had to do something!! I was at the point that social gatherings gave me anxiety. I wore as much clothing as possible to hide. I didn’t want to go to our annual trip to Mexico because the thought of getting in a swimsuit made me literally want to puke and cry. I was embarrassed and ashamed! I use to be an athlete and I couldn’t understand how the hell this happen!! After I sat and listened to Vanessa I was overwhelmed but hopeful. No powders, pills, bars, their food, and thank heavens no tofu!! I was to stay within my macros and just eat clean. If a piece of cake fit in my macros for the day I could eat it... WHAT?!? I am still working with Vanessa, but as of now, I am 33lbs lighter, have lost 15% body fat, I am happier, and I AM AN ATHLETE!!!

Katie Kauffman

After losing my dad in 2016 to a heart attack, I decided I needed to do something for myself. I wanted to make sure I would be around for my own children. I began with the diet doc in December 2016 and have since lost over 45 pounds and 14% body fat. The coaches have supported me in making a lifestyle change that is sustainable and I look forward to meeting my final goals in 2018. I am stronger mentally and physically than I have been in my adult life! So thankful to the Diet Doc program for changing my life.


Here is the story behind my success, it started right HERE. Thank you to all who have helped me accomplish this goal!

In May, a dear friend, Sage Campbell Hanks posted her success with The Diet Doc Twin Falls and their new online course. I messaged her with many questions about the program and one late Saturday night I took the plunge. By plunge, I mean I did the paperwork, the money, and held my breath! In fact, I didn't even tell my husband what I was doing! What was I getting myself into??!!

I have been a person who has been a yoyo dieter, but a very dedicated person to exercise. There has always been something in my brain that has told me that I created a habit...don't quit! I would get up early do whatever program (beach body, gym, different group classes, bike, etc.) whatever was fitting for the day. Exercise has never been a true issue for me. Although, I could never keep the weight off...I would have success for a few weeks or month and then NOTHING! Hence when I would quit the healthy eating (so I thought) and enjoy life.

So I began this journey! The logging, the excel spread sheets, the pictures, the weekly body composition test...a tad overwhelming at first. I kept to it! The encouragement couldn't have been better from Vanessa & Calli Manning Harrelli, even when my body decided to disagree with my disease of Ulcerative Colitis. New medications, exacerbations of my disease, the WEIGHT GAIN! I will honestly tell you I wanted to throw the towel in when for two months I gain weight and the scale did not move! My coaches didn't let me quit, they kept with the encouraging words, the trouble shooting with my macros and the extra check ins to make sure I probably hadn't thrown in the towel. Suddenly, my body decided to work properly, my medications started to agree with me and I started to feel better and see those pounds come off again.

Here I am 7 months later with 19 pounds DOWN! It sure feels good to say that! I feel better, have tons of energy/endurance, and I truely feel like I look better. This journey was hard...very hard! There were days and still are days when I drink a Dr. Pepper and have my Cafe Rio but I have made a life style change. I feel like I have so much knowledge that I want to share with everyone that there is no magic drug or pill that will help. The good old exercise and eating right was the Magic!

My words of encouragement is to get your body in the healthiest place it can be. You have to start from somewhere, whether it be off the couch to walking or from being a gym rat to learning proper eating skills...just do it! These ladies and this program is basic nutrition and exercise skills. Honestly there were times I thought, "Am I seriously paying to learn how to eat protein & how to workout?" Yes, I did and I am glad I did because I was doing it all wrong. I wasn't giving my body the correct and the right amount of nutrients to let it do its job!

I have graduated and just want to give a shout out to the diet doc gals...I could have never ever done it without you! Thank you to Vanessa Toolson & Calli Manning Harrell for helping me make my goal! It has not been an easy task to get where I am today, but I made it! They gave me the tools to succeed and I feel like I did succeed!

My Journey & Finding Courage

About 3 years ago now, I made the decision to change gyms. I talked with an individual at another gym that was trying to lose weight and she and her spouse were seeing the Diet Doc. She told me about the program and I was fascinated.

I found Vanessa at Gold's Gym, where her Diet Doc business was located, and began seeing her there. Little did I know…she didn't just want me to eat right…she wanted me to MOVE. She asked me a lot about exercising. Initially I joined the gym to just try the machines. She encouraged me to try just one class.

I tried Body Pump. I can remember a gal trying to help me the first few times and she (a fellow student) even corrected what she perceived that I was doing wrong. I found that I enjoyed the class structure and having other people in a class setting with me.

I did Body Pump for a couple of months. Vanessa was not done in encouraging me to TRY SOMETHING ELSE…. It was all I could do to go to Body Pump much less get my courage together and walk into another class where I was clueless about what I was doing.

I tried Spinning!! I still cannot believe I walked into that class. Vanessa wanted me to MOVE and to be involved in some cardio to help with the weight loss. I sat on that spinning bike and thought I was going to DIE!! I committed to trying to make it through as much of the class as I could. I think the first day I made it through 20 minutes. I made it my goal to continue to try and stay more and more minutes every 2-3 classes. I eventually made it through the entire class session. I learned that I really somewhat liked it!! Someone suggested that I get shoes and said that having spinning shoes would be easier on my feet.

I had no clue how to buy spinning shoes. I purchased them and then the real terror began. I realized I had absolutely no clue how to insert the shoe into the pedal. I got there EARLY one day to attempt to figure the entire thing out. I put the shoe on, sat on the seat and tried sliding, pushing, ramming, etc. and my foot into that pedal. Somehow I got the shoe in the pedal but could not figure out how I had done it. The problem was, I needed to get the shoe out before class started because I had to go to the bathroom. ….

I tried twisting, ramming, etc. to get the shoe out. I took my foot OUT OF THE SHOE and left the shoe on the pedal and then hoped and prayed that I could get the shoe out before anyone got there. Somehow I did. I think the good LORD just answered my prayer cuz I have no idea how I got that shoe out. About that time, Kathy, the instructor arrived. I quickly asked her to demonstrate how to get the shoe in and out of the clip. She was very kind and no one else was in the room so I didn't feel so incompetent.

I am now confident in my spinning bike. I can adjust the seat, the handlebars, and I am so accustomed to the seat that I no longer have to wear a pair of padded shorts to make it through class.

After spinning, I added a Zumba class and I have also tried a Barre class. I have gone so far as to try Yoga at another place besides Gold's. I have taken a Club Dance class at my sisters' gym. I even allowed Vanessa to walk me around the gym and show me how some machines work.

It is a struggle to be brave. However, along with bravery, I have experienced weight loss. My body is changing and because of that, I have been able to walk up and down the canyon now, I have gone biking on the Hiawatha Trail, I and my husband have purchased a kayak and we have used it 3-4 different times. I ran/walked a 3.5 mile fun run.

I guess I am coming to the conclusion that I need to be brave so I can enjoy life to the fullest. I do not want to remain the same. I want to be different. I want to show my grown children & my grandchildren what it is to be brave and to TRY. Thanks so much Vanessa for joining me in my struggle and helping me as I find my courage.

Working with Vanessa of the DietDoc is a journey that shows me my strengths and vulnerability. I needed someone to keep me accountable without judgement and be my champion as I committed to regain total health and fitness. Vanessa is that person!! I love her high energy! I love her "no bull" strategies! Vanessa helped me design a workout regime that compliments her nutrition program to achieve my goals, one milestone at a time. For many years, I tried to out work my poor nutritional habits. Now my nutrition works WITH my workouts instead of against them. It's FUN to see results of such hard work. This program is helping me bust life long patterns that sabotage my personal success. I have both mental and physical wellness that I haven't had in over 10 years. I am excited to see how good I feel in all ways when I reach my end goals. Vanessa is helping me create a life style that mirrors my goals, she and her team are definitely champions for each of us working to become our BEST!

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Client Testimonials

In the past I have tried a bunch of other "diet" programs (juicing, Keto, Atkins), I had success with each thing I tried but it was not sustainable. Those programs didn't teach you ANYTHING about the science behind the food you eat or the emotional reasons as to why you eat what you do. One thing this program taught me to do is to really be honest with what I was eating. I have no doubts that I will maintain my weight loss and continue to learn and grow and be more mindful about my nutrition. After all, those 30 pounds and 12% body fat I lost, I NEVER want to see come back.


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It is a struggle to be brave. However, along with bravery, I have experienced weight loss. My body is changing and because of that, I have been able to walk up and down the canyon now, I have gone biking on the Hiawatha Trail, I and my husband have purchased a kayak and we have used it 3-4 different times. I ran/walked a 3.5 mile fun run.


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